Perfect Macro Recorder is a macro recorder tool. A macro recorder is a piece of software which you use when you want to record your keyboard and mouse actions. And by recording, you can playback them later. When you playback, you will achieve the main goal and benefit of recording a macro, Windows Automation.

When you playback a recorded task, you eliminate the repetition action of doing it more and more, so you can relief yourself for another creative task in which you really love, and later you will discover how to bundle many tasks into only one task called "playback the macro". With Perfect Macro Recorder you will save time, money, perform complex tasks and increase productivity.

Save Your Time

Why repeating a task over and over again if you really can automate it?, and this exactly what can Perfect Macro Recorder do perfectly.You can record a task and playback it again whenever you want, and you will have more time to concentrate in an another task.

Perform Complex Operations

The second benefit of Perfect Macro Recorder is to perform and manage complex operations by combining tasks into a macro, so do whatever you want when you record a new macro, later when you playback, you will playback all the tasks you have recorded.

Automate Repetitive Tasks

one main purpose during working is to increase productivity, and you can achieve that using a variety of techniques, however by eliminating repetitive tasks using Perfect Macro Recorder; you surely increase your level of productivity and again you will have more time to concentrate in the main stream of your work.

Create Executable Macros

By using that amazing feature it is easy to convert any macro to an executable file so that it will work without the need for Perfect Macro Recorder, the file will need only .Net Framework to be installed. You can extend the benefit of this feature by using Windows Task Scheduler to schedule the execution of this file.